About Us

Designer Naomi De Marco has always been drawn to living a life of creativity and freedom of expression. In recent years Naomi and her creative passions have lead her into the fashion industry and so, ZENgara was born.

Naomi’s vision for ZENgara is to transcend trends and move beyond the world of fast fashion. The design process is a delicate one and Naomi strives to infuse her dedication to slow fashion and her love of lace into each creation.

A ZENgara collection is distinctive; the intention is clear, from its vintage-inspired aesthetic to the effortlessly elegant silhouettes, each piece tells a story of simplicity and beauty that transcends the seasons to come. 

Naomi is inspired by the natural elements that surround her and daydreams of the far off places she is yet to discover, she is propelled by passion and the emotional process that goes into each piece. She has an independent spirit and a zest for life, which is evident in her designs.